Clean Water from Polluted Sources

Aleksei Shelobolin

A chapter from a book

“Clean Water from Polluted Sources”

How to significantly increase an organism detoxification rate This chapter is devoted to the discovery of important water treatment parameters made by M. Pikalov

March 2013

Mytishchi – Russia

"The monograph “Clean Water from Polluted Sources” by Aleksei Shelobolin is in depth analysis of the issue. …It is an innovative idea to create water which features a property of superfluidity in the human organism, and to use this property for detoxication of cells environment and cells themselves."

Levin Y.M., M.D., Professor, Head of Clinical Lymphology and Endoecology Department of PFUR, the Russian Federation Government prize-winner in science and technology. 

"Essential information is introduced to our minds in a digestible form and strictly measured doses. I think if Aleksei had not been interested in water research, but looked for building construction, for example, then everyone would have been able to build up his or her dream house without any efforts following Aleksei’s tips."

V. Zasimenko, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Head of the Author’s School "Water Academy"

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